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it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time

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Happy - NeverShoutNever

You make me happy, whether you know it or not. We should be happy, that’s what I said from the start. 

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hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*

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A white girl wore a bindi at Coachella. And, then my social media feeds went berserk. Hashtagging the term “cultural appropriation” follows the outrage and seems to justify it at the same time. Except that it doesn’t.

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of a specific part of one culture by another cultural group. As I (an Indian) sit here, eating my sushi dinner (Japanese) and drinking tea (Chinese), wearing denim jeans (American), and overhearing Brahm’s Lullaby (German) from the baby’s room, I can’t help but think what’s the big deal?

The big deal with cultural appropriation is when the new adoption is void of the significance that it was supposed to have — it strips the religious, historical and cultural context of something and makes it mass-marketable. That’s pretty offensive. The truth is, I wouldn’t be on this side of the debate if we were talking about Native American headdresses, or tattoos of Polynesian tribal iconography, Chinese characters or Celtic bands.

Why shouldn’t the bindi warrant the same kind of response as the other cultural symbols I’ve listed, you ask? Because most South Asians won’t be able to tell you the religious significance of a bindi. Of my informal survey of 50 Hindu women, not one could accurately explain it’s history, religious or spiritual significance. I had to Google it myself, and I’ve been wearing one since before I could walk.

We can’t accuse non-Hindus of turning the bindi into a fashion accessory with little religious meaning because, well, we’ve already done that. We did it long before Vanessa Hudgens in Coachella 2014, long before Selena Gomez at the MTV Awards in 2013, and even before Gwen Stefani in the mid-90s.

Indian statesman Rajan Zed justifies the opposing view as he explains, “[The bindi] is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol… It is not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory…” If us Indians had preserved the sanctity and holiness of the bindi, Zed’s argument for cultural appropriation would have been airtight. But, the reality is, we haven’t.

The 5,000 year old tradition of adorning my forehead with kumkum just doesn’t seem to align with the current bindi collection in my dresser — the 10-pack, crystal-encrusted, multi-colored stick-on bindis that have been designed to perfectly compliment my outfit. I didn’t happen to pick up these modern-day bindis at a hyper-hipster spot near my new home in California. No. This lot was brought from the motherland itself.

And, that’s just it. Culture evolves. Indians appreciated the beauty of a bindi and brought it into the world of fashion several decades ago. The single red dot that once was, transformed into a multitude of colors and shapes embellished with all the glitz and glamor that is inherent in Bollywood. I don’t recall an uproar when Indian actress Madhuri Dixit’s bindi was no longer a traditional one. Hindus accepted the evolution of this cultural symbol then. And, as the bindi makes it’s way to the foreheads of non-South Asians, we should accept — even celebrate — the continued evolution of this cultural symbol. Not only has it managed to transcend religion and class in a sea of one-billion brown faces, it will now adorn the faces of many more races. And that’s nothing short of amazing.

So, you won’t find this Hindu posting a flaming tweet accusing a white girl of #culturalappropriation. I will say that I’m glad you find this aspect of my culture beautiful. I do too.

Why a Bindi Is NOT an Example of Culture Appropriation 

by Anjali Joshi

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Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?
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6 Types of Love

a passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love

a love that is played as a game or sport; conquest; may have multiple partners at once

an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity

love that is driven by the head, not the heart

obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers

selfless altruistic love; spiritual

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i don’t like your clothes take them off

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Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right destination
The Lunchbox (written and directed by Ritesh Batra)
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Things I am currently craving

- hot sex
- a warm shower
- milkshake
- cozy blankets
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses 

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Nothing like a woman with a brilliant mind and a filthy mouth.
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It’s been a while since I did one of these :)

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Rule #1: Always post the rules.

Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

Rule #3: Tag 11 people and link (once again, sorry) them in this post.

Rule #4: Tell them you tagged them.


1. One thing that makes you think of someone you love

- Mango Lassi :3

2. The sweetest thing someone has ever done for you. 

It was my birthday and I wasn’t really concerned with that since I had so many other things going on that day. I had an exam 6th period and a show to set up as soon as school was over, so I walked in with all of these things going on. It was a habit for my friends to meet before school started in the lunchroom, so we all sat down and there was a piece of paper with my name on it. The letter was adorable and wonderful, and all of a sudden my day started to get better. Through each of my classes I found five other letters, each written in different hand writing so that I was unable to decipher who they were from. Cute presents and a beautiful flower were left. Finally I got home and checked Facebook to find a cute post on my wall from my best friend, asking if I had found all her little presents. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful birthday present anyone has ever given me.

3. Biggest accomplishment

I honestly don’t think I’ve had my biggest accomplishment yet, so ask me on my deathbed, I’ll probably have a better answer.

4. Something about yourself that nobody really knows

I suck at telling people about aspects of my life, not because I don’t want to, but simply because I don’t think anyone would actually care about it.

5. A favorite memory

- My grandmother used to have a pomegranate tree in her old house. It wasn’t really hers, it was the neighbors’, but it used to hang over the wall into the garden. I must have been only 8 or 9 years old, but I absolutely adored pomegranates. My grandad used to get them fresh from the market every day. One afternoon, my parents has gone out and I was home with my grandmother, and she was takn a nap, but I really wanted a pomegranate. So I snuck into the garden and stole one from the tree, ran to the kitchen and tried to find a knife. I was 8 or 9, so I didn’t actually know how to use a knife. Somehow I found one and was just about to cut into it when my grandmother walked into the kitchen. Instead of reprimanding me, she laughed and guided my hand into cutting the pomegranate. We cut and ate it together and it was one of the nicest memories I have.

6. A time you wish you could go back and relive over and over again

- My first semester in college. It was one of the happiest moments in my life :)

7. Your dream job/career/future 

- Head publicist for some bollywood star.

8. 5 places you want to travel to

i. Switzerland

ii. Egypt

iii. Denmark

iv. Australia

v. Brazil

9. 3 of your favorite sounds

i. Rain

ii. The breathing after an intimate moment, that pause where there is pin drop silence, except for breathing

iii. Ocean

10. A food or drink you absolutely hate

- Bitter Gourd

11. 4 books you think everybody should read

 i. American Born Confused Desi

ii. Emir’s Adventures…

iii. Airborn

iv. Harry Potter

v. 5 Point Someone

My Questions

1. If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?

2. Happiest memory?

3. Saddest memory?

4. What is the strangest thing you own?

5. What are you most afraid of?

6. Tell me about your best friend.

7. If your soul had a name, what would it be?

8. If there is one place in your past you could revisit, where would it be?

9. Tell me three things about the person you like/love, besides their physical appearance.

10. What is your favorite word?

11. Favorite sound?